Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Anu Pentik

Anu Pentik, originally uploaded by CarolinaRen.

This beautiful card is one of a set; Pentik is a Finnish manufacturer of handcrafted dishware and other beautiful things!

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon, Portugal, originally uploaded by CarolinaRen.

This is an offical postcrossing card -- I love it! It's so busy and full of life -- my favorite kind of card!


Zeeland, originally uploaded by CarolinaRen.

Native costumes of people in Zeeland, a province in the Netherlands!

Great Smoky Mountains

Great Smoky Mountains, originally uploaded by CarolinaRen.

I picked this card up during one of my rides through Tennessee -- I have extras in my inventory if anyone wants one :) I love the Great Smokies!

Karaj Dam, Iran

Karaj Dam, Iran, originally uploaded by CarolinaRen.

Solomon's Porch

Solomon's Porch, originally uploaded by CarolinaRen.

This is Solomon's Porch, a Christian retreat center and the hub of several mission outreaches to Lynch, Kentucky. Lynch is an old coal-mining town that's defunct now; Solomon's Porch is in the building that housed the old hospital.

Harbor View Sunzhuang Garden

Harbor View Sunzhuang Garden, originally uploaded by CarolinaRen.

This is an official postcrossing card from China -- I learned that the island here is also known as "the piano island."

Natural Tunnel State Park, Virginia

We stopped at this park on our way home from our mission trip to Kentucky. The Natural Tunnel has been called the eighth wonder of the world. The tunnel is over 850 feet long and is surrounded by rock walls over 400 feet high. Access to the mouth of the tunnel is by trail or chairlift. And trains still use it today!

Giacomo Fountain

Giacomo Fountain, originally uploaded by CarolinaRen.

Lovely! In Italy.

Kingdom Come State Park, Kentucky

My family and I visited here during our mission trip to Kentucky. Beautiful park!

Dragon Tiger Towers

Dragon Tiger Towers, originally uploaded by CarolinaRen.

This beautiful card comes from my penpal Andrea in Taiwan. She said these pagodas are located in the "Love River."

Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel, originally uploaded by CarolinaRen.

This is not a postcard either, but a beautiful greeting card from my penpal Marja. I love this so much that I'd like to have a poster of it for my walls! The artist is Minna Kortti, I think.

Map of India

Map of India, originally uploaded by CarolinaRen.

This interesting card shows a map of India at the Botanical Garden in Ooty, India.

Administrative and Cultural Center of Seinajoki, Finland

This card shows the city hall, the church and the wall of the theatre, all designed by Alvar Aalto.

St. Maria's Cathedral, Finland

This is a medieval cathedral in Pohja -- one of my penpal Aila's favorites!

Cross of the Plain

Cross of the Plain, originally uploaded by CarolinaRen.

This is inside the church -- the view the priest sees when he is doing his priestly duties :)

Stained Glass

Stained Glass, originally uploaded by CarolinaRen.

This is from the Roman Catholic Cathedral in Turku, Finland. My friend Aila tells me that the glass shows St. Henry and the Swedish King and St. Erick and the Holy Virgin Mary. St. Henry was a Finnish apostle. During the middle ages, every Swedish King used to travel around their lands to visit their kingdom. Love this stained glass!

Cross of the Plains Church, Seinajoki, Finland

This is not a postcard. Instead, it is from a brochure sent to me by my penpal Marja in Seinajoki, home of the famous architect Alvar Aalto. His work is beautiful! I especially love this church building! Marja sent this to me after my request for more information about it! This church is marvelous, inside and out. And although I know that God does not dwell in buildings made with human hands, I still am in awe of the talent He has given to man to create such wonders!

Provincial Farmhouse Museum, Finland

The farmhouse of Liinamaa. I just love how simple and beautiful this is. My penpal Marja tells me that the straw mobile hanging from the ceiling is a typical traditional orament.

Fishing Village, Estonia

Fishing Village, Estonia, originally uploaded by CarolinaRen.

Fishing nets are kept in these sheds in Altja, a fishing village in Estonia. Lovely!

The Beatles

The Beatles, originally uploaded by CarolinaRen.

Let It Be. Thanks to my sister Maria for this -- it's a real treasure in my collection :) (I used to love the Beatles; bought my first Beatles album, The Red Album, the very night John Lennon was shot.)

Summer church, Umea, Sweden

Summer church, Umea, Sweden, originally uploaded by CarolinaRen.

How cute and quaint! I love to see the various places people gather to worship!

Healing Yakei, Tokyo

Healing Yakei, Tokyo, originally uploaded by CarolinaRen.

Another card from the series: "The night scene of seaside city in Tokyo. Ordinary, well-composed. Its shiny lights excites you." :)

Icon of Christ and Mother

Icon of Christ and Mother, originally uploaded by CarolinaRen.

This is in the convent of Lintula, in northeastern Finland -- from what my penpal tells me, the only Finnish Orthodox Convent.

Healing Yakei Tokyo

Healing Yakei Tokyo, originally uploaded by CarolinaRen.

My sister brought me a series of eight of these neat cards. The text on the bottom reads: "The beautiful white night sight. It sublimates your spirit. Be more ambitious; You'll make it!" I love their use of English :)

Naantalin Kirkosta

Naantalin Kirkosta, originally uploaded by CarolinaRen.

Sorry for the poor scan; our scanner doesn't quite know what to do when cards have black borders. Anyway, this is one of the oldest churches in Finland and a former convent. Naantali = vallis gratize = valley of Grace.

Calabria, Rocca Imperiale

Calabria, Rocca Imperiale, originally uploaded by CarolinaRen.


Bisbilhoteca!, originally uploaded by CarolinaRen.

I usually don't post ad cards here, but this is an ad card from my penpal Claudia in Brasil! She has just opening a new bookstore specializing in children's books! Awesome!

Melborne, Australia

Melborne, Australia, originally uploaded by CarolinaRen.

Again, this beautiful card goes against what I consider stereotypical Australia -- you know, kangaroos, deserts, the great barrier reef and Crocodile Dundee :) This is a beautiful, colorful card!

Hong Kong

Hong Kong, originally uploaded by CarolinaRen.

This is Johnston Road, Wanchai. The tram service began in 1904 and continues to be a vital part of Hong Kong's transportation system. Today's trams are probably the largest, most inventive collection of moving billboards in the world! Thanks to Ameko for this wonderful card!

Franksten, Australia

Franksten, Australia, originally uploaded by CarolinaRen.

This just doesn't look like the stereotypical Australia. I guess that's why we should work hard NOT to stereotype!

Epcot Center

Epcot Center, originally uploaded by CarolinaRen.

This photo doesn't do this gorgeous silver, shiny postcard justice. I've been to Epcot several times, seeing I lived in Florida for more than 20 years. My mom recently went and got me this postcard :) I'd like to go back with the kids someday.

Hispanic Mexican Ballet

Hispanic Mexican Ballet, originally uploaded by CarolinaRen.

Performing in Old Town, San Diego, California; such beautiful outfits!!

Mission Space: Epcot

Mission Space: Epcot, originally uploaded by CarolinaRen.

"Feel the full force of a space launch as you blast off on the most intense thrill ride in any Disney Park." Well...I've always wanted to feel what a launch is like, but this might be too intense for me now in my old age :)

Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul, Turkey, originally uploaded by CarolinaRen.

Beautiful! What more can I say?!

Convent in Estonia

Convent in Estonia, originally uploaded by CarolinaRen.

This, according to the sender, is the only Russian Orthodox convent in Estonia. Look how neat the buildings are!


Iceland, originally uploaded by CarolinaRen.

I was amazed to get this card as an official postcrossing card! If you like travel essays, read this one called A Morning in Iceland about a long layover in Iceland: www.idlewords.com/2003/11/a_morning_in_iceland.htm. It's fascinating!

Parana, Brasil

Parana, Brasil, originally uploaded by CarolinaRen.

This card comes from an other continent round robin; beautiful!

Greetings from Manila

Greetings from Manila, originally uploaded by CarolinaRen.

City view of Ortigas Avenue. As the sender points out, you can see the Robinson's Galleria Mall and Edsa Shrine. An amazing view of a country I will probably never see in person!

Callo Cave, Philippines

Callo Cave, Philippines, originally uploaded by CarolinaRen.

A series of caves, the most prominent of which looks like a natural cathedral and is used by the town folk for native rituals.

Chichen Itza, Mexico

Chichen Itza, Mexico, originally uploaded by CarolinaRen.

My parents brought this for me from their latest cruise. The Temple of the Warriors, seen here, was once an important site in this ancient Mayan capital.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Awesome notecards!

Hi there! It's been a LONG time since I've written. I've been very busy at work and at home so my postcard hobby has taken a back seat for a while. I still love postcards though! I just arranged a swap with a friend in Egypt, and I hope to do even more as summer progresses!
But I wanted to write to let you know about an awesome set of notecards I just ordered. Take a look.

You can find them here: http://www.childartgallery.org/
Click on the Child Art Magazine and scroll down to see the notecards. They also have an awesome selection of posters available. Check it out!

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Free postcards for missionaries! **UPDATED**

I love postcards! Really, I love learning about other peoples, places and cultures...and postcards is a way to let me do that from the comfort of my home :)

As you'll see from this site, I really got into the hobby again over the last year (I've been doing this on and off since my teen years). In the process, I've collected for my sending and swapping inventory loads of postcards from the mountains of North Carolina, Tennessee and other areas. I have stopped swapping, however, because of 1) time -- since I found a new church home, my time is much more limited; 2) cost -- it now costs as much to send 1 postcard overseas as it costs to send 5 -- 90 cents!; and 3) too many bad swappers out there who don't fulfill their swaps.

So this leaves me with a huge supply of cards just beggin' to be sent.

Since I love reading the blogs of foreign missionaries, and since I know missionaries love receiving mail, I thought I would offer postcards--with information about the views written on the back if and when I can--to any foreign missionary who asks!

OR -- and thanks to Jim Cottrill at www.missionary-blogs.com for this idea -- if you KNOW of a missionary and would like to have cards send to them on your behalf, then you, too are welcome to take advantage of this opportunity!

I promise that what I send will be suitable for everyone's eyes ... this is a hobby I enjoy with my children so you don't have to worry about that!

To get the cards, all you have to do is send me an e-mail at carolinaren at bellsouth dot net.

If You're a Missionary
Please send me your name and mailing address and tell me that you'd like some postcards. Don't feel shy in asking, I really get so much pleasure out of sending these cards out -- and I don't want anything in return!

If You're the Friend of a Missionary
Please send me your name and a note or scripture you want included so I can tell the missionary you asked me to send the cards, as well as the missionary's name and mailing address.

That's all!

I look forward to hearing from you! I am pleased to do this as I've been wondering what in the world I was going to do with all these extra postcards!

Renae :)

Friday, April 06, 2007

Qashqaei Nomads, Iran

Qashqaei Nomads, Iran, originally uploaded by CarolinaRen.

love this card; the women dancing in their native attire--beautiful! Thanks to Hamid in Iran.

Brasil, Brazil

Brasil, Brazil, originally uploaded by CarolinaRen.

I can't read anything on this card. But I love it :) Beautiful Brazil! From my penpal Claudia :)

Dawn on Green Island, Taiwan

Dawn on Green Island, Taiwan, originally uploaded by CarolinaRen.

This beautiful card comes from my postcard pal Andrea; it shows dawn over Hai Shan Ping's Ocean View Pavilion of Green Island, Taiwan.

San Diego, California

San Diego, California, originally uploaded by CarolinaRen.

San Diego harbor and skyline. I've never been to the west coast--it looks lovely! From my postcard pal Amy--thanks!

South Harbour, Market Square, Helsinki

This lovely, busy view comes from my penpal Marji in Finland! She said that the red and white ships come and go, and that their next stop from here is Tallinn, Estonia or Stockholm, Sweden. Even more fascinating is just the busy life going on there--all the shoppers and vendors...everyone going about their business :)

Arlanda International Airport, Sweden

This looks so much like Charlotte Douglas International Airport in Charlotte, North Carolina!

The Royal Chapel, Dreux

The Royal Chapel, Dreux, originally uploaded by CarolinaRen.

Beautiful! From my penpal Marie in France. I would love to visit these awesome churches!