Saturday, February 23, 2008


Finland, originally uploaded by CarolinaRen.

wish I knew what this said :) I need to ask my penpal! But I love this oversized, colorful card with art (or perhaps the text?) by Marleena Ansio. In any case, it is a fun card for my collection :) (Note: If you can read Finnish and can tell me what this means, please leave a comment! Thanks!)

Water Tower, Blackpool, Englad

'This site specific installation utilises the nature of the Water Tower for a dynamic yet subtle display. Bathed in light, this iconic structure is animated as night falls, with a gentle rippling lighting scheme which can be seen from a distance, like an abstract lighthouse on the skyline." Love this beautiful card, also marked on back "Blackpool Festival of Light."

Blackpool, England

Blackpool, England, originally uploaded by CarolinaRen.

According to my friend who visited here recently, Blackpool Corporation runs over 70 different trains--double and single deckers and some "open tops," both modern and classic. All are in everyday service! Awesome!

Captured Africans by Kevin Dalton-Johnson, Lancaster, England

"This memorial to the victims of the Transatlantic Slave Trade stands on St. George's Quay in Lancaster, once England's fourth largest slaving port. ... To view and download information, education resources, a town trail and new writings visit" Thanks to Kerstin in England for this awesome card!

Embroidered Panel: Virgin and Child

This was designed by Guy Barton in 1964 for a medieval stall in the Lancaster Priory Church, Lancashire, England. Thank you to my pal in England!

White Reindeer, Lapland, Finland

My penpal tells me about folklore and stories of white reindeer. She says she's never seen a white adult reindeer though.

Greetings from Aland, Finland

Greetings from Aland, Finland, originally uploaded by CarolinaRen.

This card is nothing special at first glance. But what my penpal Aila shared makes it extraordinary! She says that Aland, a group of isles between Sweden and Finland, is part of the Finnish state but still has some of its own rules and laws. People in Aland, though, speak Swedish only--and most folks there want Aland to be part of Sweden. She further explains that a person in Aland who speaks Finnish can't find work, except for maybe in agriculture. Now this is what penpals and postcards is all about! I would have never enjoyed this postcard as much without the commentary! Thanks Aila :)

Friday, February 22, 2008

Life is Good

Life is Good, originally uploaded by CarolinaRen.

I love the "Life is Good" product line ... too bad it's so expensive! We bought shirts for family members for Xmas ... and the nice folks at Life is Good were kind enough to include a free postcard. How did they know I collected them?!? :)

The Old Town, Edinburgh, Scotland

Look at these beautiful, old buildings! I would love to walk along the street ... exploring the details of each facade!


Stonehendge, originally uploaded by CarolinaRen.

"Started 5,000 years ago, Stonehenge is an extraordinary monument to the achievements of prehistoric engineering. This view is from the south east, looking towards part of the sarsen circle." My family loved this, although one of my sister said she didn't feel anything mystical :)

Notre Dame, Paris

Notre Dame, Paris, originally uploaded by CarolinaRen.

This cathedral is beautiful ... one of the reasons I would love to visit Europe ... to see all the medieval churches!

Quintessential London

Quintessential London, originally uploaded by CarolinaRen.

Of course my family rode on a double decker bus ... and even made a phone call in a red phone booth :) I think I'd do the same were I to go to London!

Tube Map of London

Tube Map of London, originally uploaded by CarolinaRen.

This is not a postcard, but I really like the artistic rendering of the tube system on the front of this tube map. THAT image should be on a postcard ... and I'd sure like to have it :) I also found it interesting that they call their tube card an Oyster card. Wonder why?!? Very neat stuff...thanks mom! :)

The Palace of Holyroodhouse

The Palace of Holyroodhouse, originally uploaded by CarolinaRen.

"Scotland's premier Royal Palace, Holyroodhouse, and to the left the ruined remains of the 10th century Holyrood Abbey, in historic Edinburgh." Unreal. The 10th century!

Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

Edinburgh Castle, Scotland, originally uploaded by CarolinaRen.

You can see how the castle was built right out of the rock -- so very beautiful! My sister said it was about a two mile walk up to the castle proper ... said her butt hurts even thinking about that walk, but that it was worth it. I'm sure! :)

S32 Military Tatoo, Edinburgh Castle

What a beautiful scene...beautiful castle!


Scotland, originally uploaded by CarolinaRen.

Castle Stalker in Autumn; quintessential Scotland, don't 'cha think? Beautiful! My sister says Scotland is the most beautiful place on Earth!

The Tower of London

The Tower of London, originally uploaded by CarolinaRen.

The White Tower, founded in 1078 by William the Conquerer, was the scene of many royal executions. Just love the history!


Windsor, originally uploaded by CarolinaRen.

My mom and two of my sisters went to Europe recently--they visited London, Paris and Edinburg, Scotland! And of course they brought me lots of nice stuff and lots of postcards! Thanks all! :)

The Windy City

The Windy City, originally uploaded by CarolinaRen.

From my sister Maria -- don't know if you can see, but the letters are raised and glittery. Very pretty card and nice view! Sorry I messed up the scan ... got some extra black space in there :)

Winter on Lake Michigan

Winter on Lake Michigan, originally uploaded by CarolinaRen.

Now that's winter!