Saturday, August 12, 2006

A sampling of cards received over the last few days...

I've received many beautiful cards since I started collecting again, and that's what I plan to use this blog showcase what I consider to be the best of them all :) For starters, I'm uploading here just a sampling of the cards I received over the last few days. I'll upload more of past cards as I can.

1. From Nurul in Malaysia. This card is one of my favorites because 1) it's bright and colorful, 2) it has the country name on the front, and 3) the image couldn't really be from anywhere else :) Thanks Nurul!

2. "Dog on Route 66, between Miami & Afton, Ohio." Ever since we saw the movie Cars, which we loved by the way, I've been fascinated by Route 66. I ordered a set of cards and am publishing just two of my favorites here.

The back of this card says, "This surviving ten-mile stretch of the original Route 66 was paved just nine feet wide in 1926. Known as the 'Ribbon Road' or 'Sidewalk Highway,' there is just enough room for a friendly farm dog or a Moon Roadster."

3. "Wigwam Motel, Holbrook Arizona." This is too cool! According to the back of the card, each concrete wigwam has a full bath, air-conditioning and beautiful hand-built furniture created in the 40s by local Native Americans. I'd sure stay there!

4. The Dead Sea--Salt Crystals. This image is awesome! Thanks to Lisa in Colorado for the trade! Can you imagine sitting on a beach of salt? I just love the splash of color the umbrella adds, too. Excellent postcard!

5. St. Paul Winter Carnival, Ice Palace 2004. Thanks to Martina for the trade that made this card possible! I love the colors and the majesty of the image...and the thought of ice! The card says visitors could walk around in this building...count me in! :)

6. The Golden Waterfall, Iceland. What more could I possibly say? This image is awesome! Thanks to Svava in Iceland!

7. This lovely, colorful notecard, also from Svava in Iceland, came along with a bag of swap goodies she sent! Inside? A lovely scenic bookmark, Icelandic coins, balls of lava-rock (!!!), Icelandic stamps, a great keychain and pin, some postcards and some "sweets"! What a bounty! Thanks Svava!

8. A very peaceful image of the Baltic Sea from Uschi in Germany. Thank you!

9. An official Postcrossing card from Inka in Finland. What an adorable pup! Thanks! :)

10. And last, but certainly not least, Captain James T. Kirk from Swantje in California. Star Trek TNG is my favorite, like hers, but I feel my collection would simply be incomplete without Kirk :) Thanks Swantje!

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