Sunday, December 03, 2006

Ok...maybe THIS is the last post...

Have you seen the new Yahoo photo pages? Wow! I was loading my page of postcards available for trade so I could cut/paste the link for someone, and ... WOW! It looks just like Flickr now! I love Flickr...I just wish I could do like a photoblog there. Flickr is good except when you want to show TEXT with your images...which, unfortunately, is exactly what I want to do.

My husband just very kindly scanned another batch of postcards for me. I am going to upload them here with comments. But no guarantees.... Blogger only lets me do five images at a time. And to get them setup right I have to do it in html...then go in and enter the text afterwards.... It's really kind of a hassle.

So if you're reading this post NOW without first having looked at photos, it means I couldn't upload AGAIN for one reason or another.

So here goes....

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