Saturday, February 23, 2008


Finland, originally uploaded by CarolinaRen.

wish I knew what this said :) I need to ask my penpal! But I love this oversized, colorful card with art (or perhaps the text?) by Marleena Ansio. In any case, it is a fun card for my collection :) (Note: If you can read Finnish and can tell me what this means, please leave a comment! Thanks!)

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Anonymous said...

Here you go:

Eväsretki = a picnic
Etana = a snail
Elefantti = an elephant
Esikko = a primrose
Erätuli = bonfire
Enkeli = an Angel
Elmeri = (a name of that dog I guess)

The long text (quite a free translation)

"A snail predicts a lovely weather,
a camper marches briskly,
a hedgehog fries sausage in the bonfire and Elmeri the dog smells it from afar."