Sunday, August 01, 2010

Hawks Mill, Needham Market, Suffolk

Another reason why I love collecting postcards is for the EXTRA information many people share about the image on the front! Kerstin writes, "This Victorian mill stands by the Gipping Valley path at Needham Market. It used to be a mustard mill, grinding mustard seeds for the famous Colman's Mustard Factory, still in business at Norwich. Today it has been converted into desirable living accommodations with a nice view over River Gipping." And, as she also said, I wouldn't mind one of those apartments!


Conor said...

I lived in one of the appartments for a time and very pleasant it was too! Didn't know of the mustard connection

Annie Shaughnessy said...

The Mill dates back to Domesday and was originally owned by Eton College. I live next door at The Mill House.